Feb. 21st, 2013

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Lucan Valerious was MOST pleased to get his shiny, gold, good luck charm back. (Camilla is, understandably, far more interested in Einar than in Ann.) Even after splitting the reward with Einar, she's got enough septims on hand to resupply properly!

A good set of leather armor, a set of clothes, camping and survival gear, food supplies, a steel dagger and a steel sword, arrows, and the ingredients for a few simple potions put her back where she was with regard to kit before that damn Argonian betrayed her.

Feeling much better about the world now that she's properly prepared to face it, Ann whistles cheerfully as they set out toward Whiterun.

The trip to Whiterun is mostly uneventful, although there is an odd sense of....nervousness in many of the folks they pass on the road. The War, maybe? Ann certainly couldn't say.

The Walls of Whiterun stand high and proud, but even though it's daylight the gates are shut. That's....not right. The two are stopped by a pair of guards wearing the colors of the Hold. "Sorry, but the Jarl isn't allowing just anyone into the city right now. The Dragon attacks have made people very nervous and he doesn't want to start a real panic."

Ann stares at the guard as if he's just announced the sky is red. "I'm sorry, but did you just say DRAGON attacks?!"


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