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From the journals of Whitley Styles:

The last of the monstrous spiders spasmed once and lay still, but we had not yet achieved our aim. Annabelle Newfield was still in the hands of a madman who had stolen the face of Sir John Tavers, a long time friend of AEon, to lure her here. What we had found in our attempt to ascertain her fate was a man who, fancying himself a Sorcerer, had transformed the island to suit his own twisted fairytale vision. The spiders, though horrible to look upon, did not trouble me as much as the guards we had dispatched earlier. They had been men once, before the horrors that had befallen them at the hands of this madman. We had not heard them speak, though whether they remained silent because they could not speak or because they had forgotten the tongues of Men I could not say.

In our battles with the various monstrosities we had found both Annabelle's weapons and a prisoner by the name of Lord William Weston. Weston had shed some light on Annabelle's fate, although he had little reassurance to give us. It seems that our "Sorcerer" had drafted her to play the role of Damsel in Distress while Lord Weston's nephew was picked to play the role of Knight. There had been other prisoners, all of whom had been chosen to play one role or the other. None had returned. Lord Weston reported hearing the sounds of some great beast, at whose claws he presumed those unfortunates had met their ends.

We had, thank God, arrived shortly after Lord Weston's nephew had been chosen. We were presently racing through these labarynthine passages, hoping to reach both of them while they were still alive. As we reached yet another fork, fate took pity on us. We suddenly heard Annabelle's voice echoing clearly through the passages," OVER HERE YOU MISBEGOTTEN SPAWN OF A BAT AND A LIZARD!" followed by a terrible roar.

"That would be Annabelle," Tallon remarked dryly as we changed course.

"She's fighting that thing!?" Lord Weston interjected. (We had not dared to leave him alone with so many creatures wandering about.)

"I would have expected nothing less," Max told him, "our would be sorcerer made a rather unfortunate choice for his Damsel in Distress."

I could not help but smile a bit at that. Annabelle Newfield was perfectly capable of killing a man with tableware and mad enough to try and kill the creature with whatever was at hand. However, even with her considerable talents she was still in mortal danger. We finally reached the arena and beheld the terrible beast that our "Sorcerer" had created. It appeared to be a dragon in every way that mattered, including the ability to breathe fire. Indeed, we arrived just in time to see Annabelle dodge a burst of flame and stab the creature in the eye with a spear. It bellowed in mortal agony, convulsed and lay still.

Our "Sorcerer" had been watching the fight with an expression of horrified disbelief. "Inconceivable!" he shouted as the Dragon ceased its convulsions. He had not thought, yet, to set any of the guards that were present on Annabelle. We intended to see that he did not get that chance....
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