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Normal Difficulty, Wild Wasteland, Small Frame 2nd level

Strength 4
Perception 5
Endurance 7
Agility 8
Intelligence 6
Charisma 5
Luck 6

Action Points 89
Carry weight 190
Critical 6%
Hit Points 240
Melee damage 2
Unarmed dmg 2

Barter 15
Energy Weapons 15
Explosives 20
Guns 36 TAG
Lockpick 15
Medicine 17
Melee 28 TAG 30 with Vault Jumpsuit
Repair 20
Science 17
Sneak 21
Speech 20 22 with Vault Jumpsuit
Survival 34 TAG
Unarmed 19

Perks: Intensive Training: Perception

Equipment: Vault 21 Jumpsuit, 9mm pistol, varmint rifle (silencer, extended mag, night scope).
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This is a summary of Adventure! and the very beginning of Aberrant canon, done in the style of Camwyn's 1000 word Silmarillion, which can be found here.

Dr. Hammersmith: *Creates Telluric Engine*

Telluric Engine: *Explodes*

Maxwell Mercer: *Is Unstuck in Time*

Future!Maxwell Mercer: Welcome to 1942! Time to learn to control your Time Traveling Powers.

Maxwell Mercer: *Visits Galatea explosion in 1998* Lots of people have superpowers now!

Maxwell Mercer: *Visits 2061*... that didn't work out so well....

Maxwell Mercer: *Visits 2122* Let's create another wave of people with superpowers, because it worked out so well last time.

Maxwell Mercer: *Is back in 1923* *Founds the Æon Society for Gentleman*

Annabelle Newfield: I'm not a gentleman, thank you.

Æon: Let's recruit these new people with superhuman abilities, the Inspired, to work for the betterment of all mankind!

Maxwell Mercer: *Has secret time control powers and more money/influence than Bill Gates*

Dixon: *Has mad!science device making abilities and crazy ex-wife*

Whitley Styles: *Has psychic powers and L33t ninja skills*

Jake "Danger Ace" Stefokowski : *Has uncanny piloting skills, doesn't die even when he really ought to.

Harry Potter: Are you sure we're not related?

"Safari" Jack Tallon: *Has fists and mind of metaphorical steel*

Annabelle Newfield: I'm not surprised. Trying to change his mind is like arguing with a mountain, only less effective. You'd think he'd get used to the idea of women being part of Æon, but no...

Michael Donighal Dr. Primoris: *Breaks most of the rules, because he is More Awesome Than Thou(Tm)* *Is secretly in love with Maxwell Mercer*

Annabelle Newfield: *Is just that awesome with weapons, any weapons* *Is not so secretly in love with Dr. Primoris*

Inspiration Age: *Has Pulp Style Adventure*

Æon: *Are Big Damn Heroes*

White Wolf Editors: We need to make this flow into the events in Aberrant, somehow. Also, we haven't met our angst quota yet.

Annabelle Newfield: Wait, my unrequited love for Primoris is somehow supposed to lead me to betray Æon, resulting in my death, and that's all you're going to say about it!?

White Wolf Editors: Yes.

Annabelle Newfield: *Angsts* *Dies* *Contributes in an unspecified way to violent break up between Dr. Primoris and Æon*

Dr. Primoris: I think we should take an active hand in guiding human history.

Rest of Æon: We don't think so. *Violent battle ensues*

Dr. Primoris: *Disappears mysteriously during battle*

Maxwell Mercer: *Angsts* *Disappears in 1950*

New!Æon: Hey, let's keep all knowledge of Inspiration to ourselves!

Babel Dossier: *Holds secrets*

Michael Donighal Dr. Primoris Divis Mal: *Is not dead* *Angsts *Plots* *Becomes a supervillain*

Dixon and Jack Tallon: *Presumably die off-screen*

Jake Stefokowski: *Leaves Æon*

Whitley Styles: *Angsts*

Readers: We're starting to notice a trend here...

Scientists: *Do experiments in space*

Divis Mal: *Does his own experiment in space*

Galatea: *Explodes*

Lots of People: We have superpowers now!?

New!Æon: *&^@!*&?&*%$! We need a plan B! *Develops plan for dealing with 'Nova Problem'*

Random Government Guy (Who probably got whacked): Didn't they develop a plan awfully fast for something that's brand new? Seriously, it sometimes takes us longer than that to find a missing file.

New!Æon: *Attempts to run the world* We're doing this for the good of all humanity, really!

Edited at 9:30 p.m. November 16 2008 Edited again on November 17 to fix an error in events portrayed.
Maxwell Mercer's time line is taken from here.

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Ask a question and get an in-character answer.
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1.  Annabelle has never had any formal schooling.  Her parents taught her how to read, write, and figure, but the rest of her education was... eclectic.  She has picked up a few things over the years , but they tend to be a bit random.

2.  She lost her mother to the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic.

3. By the time she was 12 years old Annabelle was starring in her own act, performing trick shots with firearms.

4.Annabelle first killed another human being when she was 12 in self-defense.  Annabelle had shown up an older, male, trick shot expert whose career was on the ropes.  As might be expected, he took this very poorly.  He tracked her down later that evening.  Annabelle did not have her gun with her and he would almost certainly have killed her if he hadn't been nearly too drunk to stand.  Even so, she got a minor bullet wound in the side.  Luckily, there was a knife nearby and she killed him by putting it through his eye.  Annabelle has never been voluntarily out of lunging distance of a weapon since.

5.  Unlike many Inspired, Annabelle discovered her talent gradually.  She simply noticed that she was making shots every time that should have given her difficulty.  Indeed, it almost seemed that she couldn't miss.  Without the challenge of making ever more difficult shots  she was looking for something more to do by the age of 14.  Then Whitley Styles showed up with an invitation to join the AEon society.  The rest, as they say, is history.

6.  (This one is something Austin suggested via Jennifer Landers that I decided to incorporate)  Yes, she can kill a man with at least eight different kinds of tableware.  If you ask politely, she may even tell you how.

7.  One of Annabelle's least favorite missions involved being stuck in a small building,in a blizzard, with Jack Tallon, for 3 days.  When Tallon told Styles later that it had been a close thing he was not, in fact, referring to the gun battle.

8. Annabelle used to chew tobacco, but that changed after one particular adventure.  AEon was investigating the strange, inexplicable behavior of the local residents in a tobacco growing area in Cuba.  They found out that someone had altered the local tobacco plants to produce an additional compound that made people more susceptible to mind control.  Unfortunately, they discovered this when a mesmerist forced Annabelle to shoot Whitley, who nearly died.   Annabelle had been chewing the local tobacco for several days.  This incident distressed her enough that she quit cold turkey.

9.  When AEon finally caught up to the mesmerist mentioned above, Annabelle emptied both pistols into him at point blank range.  Her teammates pretended not to notice that she was still badly shaken up even after said mesmerist was very, very dead.

10.  She won't admit it, but she did buy a copy of Tales of the AEon Society whenever it came out, even the ones by Evans.


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 If you need to get in touch with me for planning or out of character please comment here.
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" Max smiled. "We in the AEon society have our own aiming device, better than any artificial brain." " 
pg 10 Adventure! PDF

"We were trapped on an island that was about to be fired into orbit.
And then I heard something yell "YAHOO!"
I stared.  And couldn't do much more than mutter:   ""
Max smiled. "Our aiming system."
The Hawk's undercarriage was down.  Hanging upside down from the undercarriage, legs wrapped around a wheel strut, hefting the Z-ray rifle and hooting and hollering:   Annabelle Lee Newfield.  The single best shot on Earth.  Pretty as a picture, mad as a hatter, and, right now, all that stood between Max and me living and Max and me dying in a vacumn. "
pgs11-12 Adventure! PDF


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