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There have been many bad days in the course of Ann Abel's (usually parsed by non Khajiit as Annabelle) life.

The day when she came home from trapping rabbits at age 12 to find her entire family murdered by bandits, the days not too many moons later when she nearly died in the badlands of Elsweyr before she was found and adopted by a band of Khajiit. is shaping up to be in a high position on that list of bad days. Her "partner" of these many months, someone she truly believed was trustworthy, proved otherwise. Why else would he drug her, strip her of literally everything that she had to her name, and leave her in a Divines damned CRYPT? She is NEVER working with an Argonian again! Even the worst sugar-tooth among the Khajitt would have had the decency to slit her throat rather than leaving her here to die of deprivation or being eaten alive by the crypt's inhabitants.

Bastard's probably well on his way to Cyrodiil by now.

But she's never been the kind to give in to despair, even if she is naked and unarmed in the midst of the enemy. Well, she WAS unarmed. Turns out you can, with difficulty, bludgeon a draugr to death with a funeral urn. That kill netted her a bow and a quiver full of arrows. The clothes on the draugr, alas, fell to pieces as soon as she tried to get them off. (Fabric doesn't hold up too well over the centuries, it seems.)

She'd experiment with spider webs as clothing, but they might cause a fatal delay in her reactions thank to their stickiness....
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