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Annabelle Lee Newfield is from the Trinity Universe RPG, and is the property of White Wolf Game Studio. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.


Annabelle Lee Newfield's mother was an acrobat, her father was a contortionist and that was only the start to an interesting childhood as a circus brat. Growing up she learned everything from throwing knives to shooting to how to tame lions and get out of handcuffs. Then the Hammersmith incident happened, unleashing Z-waves and altering people and even the landscape in unusual ways. Annabelle herself became an unaparalled marksman and deadly with any weapon that came to hand. This is why, at the age of 14, she was invited to join a society of people who had been similarly "inspired". Their goal was to see that humanity reached its full potential. Its name was the Aeon Society for Gentleman, or Aeon for short.

Annabelle accepted the offer and spent the rest of her life getting into and out of dangerous situations. A born showman, she lived for the thrill of pulling off impossible stunts and was more reckless than was wise, even for someone of her considerable talents. She never figured she would live to grow old, she was right.

Her main weakness was her unrequited love for one of her teammates, Dr. Primoris. (Who would later become the super villain Divis Mal, but that's another story.) Her canon suggests that this drove her to increasingly reckless behavior and ultimately to her death in 1938. Her death would help drive a wedge between Dr. Primoris and the rest of Aeon. This falling out set in motion the great and terrible events that would shape the Trinity Universe in unimaginable ways.

Annabelle, despite her talents, has nothing of magic about her, nor is she superhuman. Her abilities are more along the lines of James Bond or Indiana Jones. She is "just" that good at what she does. She is 5'6" with an atheletic build. She is a blue eyed, golden haired and Whitley Styles called her "pretty as a picture and mad as a hatter." She usually carries two Hell pistols, a set of throwing knives, a whip and a pocketknife. Speech will be in quotations.

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adventure, aeon society for gentleman, inspired, saving the world

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